Client Profile: Calum Best


We work very closely with Calum to develop branding and digital presence for his brands.  On our latest project we developed a fully responsive CMS website for Calum.  This allows him to engage and capture new customers for both his product sales and gym memberships.  We also integrated to an online store platform in which customers can purchase BSTLFE branded clothing through the website.




Client Profile: Sunbed Sales Ireland


We developed an online portfolio website for Ireland’s leading distributor of Sunbeds. We designed this website on a fully responsive platform that works on Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets.  The platform allows customers to browse the range of products very similarly to an E Commerce store.  However in this instance the customer will enquire rather than purchase directly.  These leads are fed through to the sales team at Sunbed Sales Ireland who then follow up to complete the transaction.




Client Profile: Scott McGarry Health and Fitness


The latest project we worked on for Award winning personal trainer and gym owner Scott McGarry was for the Gym website.  We developed a fully responsive website which not only captivates and engages customers but also converts.  We were able to integrate a direct booking system/sign up system to the gym.  Customers have the option to sign up for membership’s and personal training directly through a portal on the website!




Modern Design. Responsive and Slick.


Digitalise your brand and rise above the rest with a highly responsive multiplatform website. Ensure you are presenting the most dynamic and captivating online presence for your business with our bespoke Web Design and Development Services.

We specialise in powerful, user friendly websites that will not only engage your audience, but convert those leads into sales. At Vindicta Digital we fuse sleek design with captivating content; providing a website for your business that is not only highly visible but superbly accessible.

Our websites are all developed on leading platforms to ensure they are fully mobile responsive and in sync with your current market. We provide a service to suit all companies, and use leading Content Management Systems (CMS) to allow you the freedom of updating your site yourself.

Web Development is a vital part of what we do, simply because it is a fundamental part of your business. Our dedicated web developers are highly experienced, and are ready to build your site and boost your brand.


Our Graphics are designed to the highest standards to capture the look, feel and the ethos of your business.


User Focused

Our websites are designed with the end user and market in mind.

Fully Responsive

Mobile phone? No problem.  iPad? No problem.


Search Engine Otimisation (SEO) is a crucial factor in ensuring the visibility of your website online. To get noticed on Google or to be seen on Bing, we will enhance your website in order to help you rank high in a search, and stand out amongst the masses.

How your site appears on the web, and how it ranks alongside the rest, are extremely important factors to take into account when venturing online with your company. Having a business website that does not rank efficiently will mean less traffic to the site, less engagement with your company, and ultimately less customers and conversions.

Your profile online should also be able to efficiently attract the relevant audience, so that your target consumer is easily discovering your business, services, and products. Vindicta Digital can help you do this. We will research the most effective key words relevant to your business, and then embed these in your website content for the search engine’s ‘crawers’ to catch.

Target Audience and Competition

We take the time to research your competition and market place, in order to improve your ranking among similar companies. We will analyse what search terms your customers use online, and with this information we can target your audience more accurately, and ensure a strong conversion ratio.

Initial Analysis

Before tailoring a strategy to suit your online requirements, we will analyse your existing platform and highlight any areas for improvement. Some of the key areas we will investigate are whether any essential tags are missing, if your content is too long or too short, if the meta data is correct, and if your website is not loading quickly enough. All these elements are essential to your site’s success.

Content is King – Context is Queen.

Our copywriters work alongside our SEO team to produce original, quality content that is relevant but also engaging. If you opt for one of our on-site elements as part of your SEO strategy, you will find the content posted will be appealing and appropriate to your topic. Fresh content will keep your site on top. Google is forever evolving and they will often change the required criteria for keeping a strong online presence, therefore elements that may have benefited you a year ago, may no longer be so strong. We will ensure your strategy is always optimised, and we will endeavour to deliver a modern campaign in line with Google’s current requirements.

Progress Reports

We suggest quarterly meetings in order to discuss the analytics for your campaign and to track its effectiveness. We can tell you who is looking at your website, how they found you, and most importantly what they do when they are there and when they bounce off it. This vital feedback allows us to tweak the site to keep it performing perfectly. It also enables us to reinforce our relationship with you by providing effective results.


“Vindicta came in and consulted on different SEO elements and strategies.  They then proceeded to boost our rankings on google and we now appear very high on the first page for our relevant terms.  Highly recommend!”

PurePhoto NI

Engage. Capture. Convert



E-Commerce Drive sales of your products and services online in a fast, easy, and effective way with an E-Commerce system. Offering your audience an online shopping service will provide round-the-clock sales, and an international audience for your business. At Vindicta Digital we research the best E-Commerce system for you that provides speed of access and peak usability for your consumer, so that you can offer a wide range of services efficiently.

Our team are trained in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) platforms such as Magento, WordPress, and Shopify, so you can be confident that your E-Commerce store will simply and successfully increase your sales. With the growing use of credit cards and PayPal, accepting payments online is an increasingly secure and speedy way to shop.

Research indicates that UK internet users regularly shop online, more so than any other current EU member state, and that online shopping accounts for approximately 11% of total retail sales. Plus, with more people purchasing on their smartphones than ever before, there is therefore a lot of potential product pushing that your business could be benefiting from. We will help you build and run your online store and make sure it is perfectly presented on all tablet and mobile devices.

We work with all clients from start-up businesses, to larger companies trading in excess of £100,000 per week in online sales, and each of these companies are provided with the same high quality service and attention to detail.

So when it comes to E-Commerce systems, you know we at Vindicta Digital are here to help you grow and succeed in your sales.

Future Proof. Google's always changing.



If you want to be at the top of Google then PPC is a guaranteed way of doing that. By paying Google for ‘X’ amount of clicks you can appear at the top until essentially your credit runs out. Then it’s a matter of topping it up again. It couldn’t be simpler really. Because of this PPC tool people can now make their place known with the bigger competitors.
By using pay per click you are essentially guaranteeing traffic to your site which, if you are a smaller company starting out is very beneficial to you. If you manage this correctly and balance it with a strong SEO campaign running beside it you will 1. Be ranking high automatically and 2. Building your organic rankings so that when you finally get ranking organically, you are there to stay!

At Vindicta digital our copy writing team work directly with our PPC team to deliver advertising that will always catch people’s eyes and will get those key words used to the MAX!
Research strategy is extremely important when it comes to running a successful PPC campaign for our clients. You need to know so many factors including who is searching, what device they are searching on, what times they are searching and what they are searching for. When this is done, we can ensure you get 110% from your PPC campaign and off the back of this will show you an instant and more importantly, profitable result.


Social media is HUGE!

If you aren’t using it to promote your business i’m telling you now, you should be – 1’000’000’000 people… yes thats a Billion! Are on facebook right now. That’s approximately an eighth of the planet. Do you not see how INSANE that is.

If you have a business, you need to be on social.

The more you can get, get it! Yes you may not think your business needs these things but what you need is for your business to be seen by as many eyes as possible. ¾ of people using the internet are engaging on social media. If you’re not on social media engaging with these people, you need to be and we can help make sure you are seen by the right eyes that will grow engagement on your site and thus generate more business.

Once you’re there we will help you capture and engage with your audience.


We will create engaging content for your customers.


In 2016, a social media strategy is key.  Putting up a random post once per week, simply will not cut it.


People.  Social media is about people.  We remember this and market to them in the right way for you.



VIDEO in 2016 is Key.  90% of users say that a product video is helpful in the buying process.

We offer bespoke Video Productions.  Every business is unique, so should your video productions.  No Templates here.

We are happy to meet with all of our clients/customers to discuss a idea or project.  We also work these videos in as part of your Digital and Social Media Strategy.  Video is King in 2016.



Results focused on your Business Goals.


It’s all well and good having a site that looks amazing, that no other site even comes close to in how amazing as engaging it looks… But if the content on your site isn’t up to scratch, the writing my as well be jumbled letters because everyone knows that content is Key.

When people read through your site, through your social media strategies, through your blogs, they need to get to know you and see exactly what it is you can do for them because at the end of the day you are providing a service and people are only going to choose who stands out the most so what are you doing right now to stand out?

Well, thankfully you’re reading this and i’m going to tell you what we can do to help you.

Vindicta Digital is set of up a team that come from all backgrounds and all have their own specialities that can help you grow online. The content that our team can put together both on your site and on your social media will engage potential customers and clients and make sure you are a step ahead of everyone else in the game.

By keeping up to date with all the latest trends and targeting specific audiences our team of guys will make sure your content is fresh and contain elements that are being searched for in high volumes to ensure not only are people reading amazing content, but that A LOT! of people are reading it. By the time our team are done with one piece of content, people will be lining up for the next instalment.



Social Media

It’s 2016. Get with it.


Again, content is only as good as its context.  We target the right people.

Team Thinking

We are passionate about what we do.  Let us utilise this and bring about fantastic results.


Fresh Content and Photos.

We offer the service of Professional photography to all of our clients if necessary.  We have one in-house.  Specialising in Corporate, Product and Landscape shot’s we can provide a great portfolio of shots to use digitally and offline.

Ready for the Next Step?





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